Jun 13, 2013


"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."
Ronald Reagan 

EMY VELOSO CORPUS, an outdoor enthusiast and a friend of members of BAC was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer.  Upon learning about this misfortune, Toots called the attention of all the members for help. Thus, after exchanging of mails and messages,  the BAC organized the climb for a cause to raise fund and to help Emy with her battle against cancer.  The letter containing the information was disseminated to all contacts, friends and outdoor enthusiast in Singapore through email, social media and word of mouth. In just as short as 2 weeks, the response was fast and overwhelming.  

Emy's first chemo session

June 1-2, 2013 Gunung Panti,  Malaysia situated just a few kilometers North of Kota Tinggi in Johor - The recreational forest is accessible by any mode of transportation and is only a 2-hour-drive from the Causeway immigration of Singapore. It is a 2 to 3-hour-walk to the summit, depending on one's physical condition. Participants of around 40 pax joined the climb, not to mention the donors who did not join the climb but did participate by extending their financial support. 

Though the first batch of the group encountered a departure delay from Singapore as the bus did not make it on time, the climbers were able to reach the summit before dusk via Lukut trail. Some of them were new climbers and were thrilled by the experience of trekking under the rain and the terrifying “limatik” encounter. The excitement was even more intensified by the thought of doing it with the people who were very experienced in climbing mountains.

The socials started at around 10 pm. It was facilitated by Toots and Dek. KALASAG was recognized as the best group as they had been very cooperative and very helpful. Three lucky names were drawn and were given consolation prizes. Congrats to the winners Gladys, Tere and Chris. We embraced the night with food and drinks and laughter that will always be remembered.

The next day, after making sure the campsite had been cleared, climbers started to descend. It was a traverse, so the descent started with 20m steep rock formation before the rolling trail. It was very fun and exciting. The final destination was at Kota Tinggi falls - famous for waterfall at Lombong area, where we all freshened up and waited for our bus which would bring us back to Singapore. At 5pm, all of us were back in Singapore, safe and happy.

It was a fun climb. Most of us had been inflicted by limatik bites and insect bites, plus unimaginable muscle pain the day after, but it felt so good to know that we did it for a cause and we did it from our hearts.

On June 7, 2013, an amount of 90,290 php,  was transferred to the account of Emy’s husband. Good job everyone and thank you so much to all the supporters.

 To EMY, get well soon and we will  all climb together!!

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