Nov 2, 2010

Si Ninong Jay

If there's someone in my life whom, I have spent half of my life with, I would say it's Jay. We were classmates, take note, "classmates" not just schoolmates from Day Care center up to 4th year of High School. We were never separated. When we went to college, we shared the same house for 2 or 3 more years, imagine that!

And so when yuan came I decided to make him "ninong", he might not be aware of it but even before I already said that he will be the ninong of my first born, though I'm pretty sure that when he'll have a baby of his own it would be rain in the list and not m
e. fine...nevermind :D

Anyhoo, i was browsing my old albums when I came across the photos of yuan and jay 4 or 5 years ago. They look so good together. Parang magkapatid, though yuan approached me one day with an innocent gesture: "parang nakakatakot si ninong jay, kasi ang lalaki ng ngipin nya."

Thank you ninong jay for loving our yuan. We miss you so much and hopefully we would be able to bond again and spend more time time together.

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